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If your brand targets busy women with careers/side hustles who are working to balance all that WHILE taking care of kids (and often a husband ;) ... welcome!

MHL is THE spot where if you want to get your brand in front of women who aren't just buyers but also community influencers, you've come to the right place.  Our readers are passionate about running life on their terms to create the best life for their families.  

Each day we provide empowering, uplifting & helpful stories from around the web to help keep them going hour after hour!

How Will A Newsletter Ad Help You?
Because we have over 46K women in our dedicated email newsletter, you can get in front of your target market in multiple ways and for multiple days!  (Frequency is one of the most powerful methods of achieving your goals!)

This Is Why So Many Brands Keep Coming Back!

Our subscriber base is built (and keeps growing) from busy women who are looking for tips/tricks/life hacks on parenting, self-care, fashion, organization, cooking, travel & leisure (and much more).

Our Subscriber Demographics:
99% Female | Live In The US | Ages 25 - 55 | Household Income Of $100K +

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What Is Our Super Simple Process For Getting Your Brand In Front Of Our Readers? 

Step #1: On this page, decided if you wish to join our brand promotions tips newsletter for a 10%, 1st time buyer discount + access to VIP only training programs OR click to the next page and book your spot...

Step #2: On the next page you will see a link in the headline to our calendar.  Please be open to a range, but in just about every case we can get you into the ideal spot of your choice.  Note: The calendar is only so you can see what is currently open you will NOT select your date on that page. 

Step #3: Purchase your affordable ad spot! You will be taken through our shopping cart (ThriveCart) and make your payment via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card (ApplePay/Google Pay available on mobile).  After your payment you will be directed to a "thank you" page and given a link to our simple intake form. 

Step #4: Fill out our simple intake form, including your ideal promotion dates and you will receive email confirmation when it has made it through.  (Normally within 24-48 business hours.  Often MUCH less.  Because we're awesome) 

That's it!  Lets Get Started!  Chose Your Own Adventure Below!

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Note: If we have any questions about your intake form we will reach out to you right away to get clarity!  If YOU have any questions or for some reason aren't redirected after purchase to the form you can always email us at  If you were not sent to the form after purchase please remember to forward your receipt so we can find you in the system! 

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